Construction of outdoor pools in private homes

When building an outdoor pool, you need to decide in advance which pool you need: do you want it to be a small pond where your children can swim or do you need a large pool for families and long swimming?
If you want to build a pool on the street, then you should take care in advance about how the water will be heated in cold weather. Also, if you do not want the water to lose heat, evaporating, and dust and dirt flew into the pool in your absence, you need to install special blinds. Many models of such blinds are able to support the weight of a pet and a child, which will not allow them to fall into the water in your absence.
Despite the fact that many people want to get a fully open pool, experts recommend building a small indoor pavilion and heating there together with the pool. Thanks to the pavilion, you can use the pool almost all year round, with the exception of severe frosts, and will not be limited to the warm summer months.